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Here’s something you may not know about our Founder and his family. Between 2018 through to 2021, the husband and wife team with their 2 daughters lived with no permanent address 100% via the Airbnb platform!

Why are we sharing this, well here’s why!

This week Airbnb announced its #financialresults for the year 2022, and the numbers are impressive. The company reported a #turnover of $8.8B, which is a remarkable achievement for a business that started as a modest idea in 2008. However, the more striking figure is the #estimatedoverallmarketvalue, which is around $250B when we apply a 3.5% “service” fee. This number is staggering and emphasises the magnitude of Airbnb’s impact on the travel industry.

So, what can we learn from Airbnb’s success? One of the main reasons behind Airbnb’s popularity is its innovative #business model. The company provides an #onlineplatform that #connects #travelers with #hosts who offer #unique accommodations, from apartments to treehouses, and everything in between. The model has disrupted the traditional hospitality industry, enabling travelers to have an authentic experience that is far different from staying in a hotel.

Another key factor that contributed to Airbnb’s success is its ability to #leveragetechnology to make travel more #accessible and #affordable. With a few clicks on the app or website, users can find and book accommodation all over the world, which is much more #convenient than going through a traditional travel agent.

Furthermore, Airbnb’s business model offers many #benefits to both #hosts and #guests. Hosts can earn extra income by renting out their properties, while guests can save money by choosing a more affordable option than a hotel.

So, if you have read this far, here is your reward…. Whilst many organisations look to their peers and global same sector/ industries – We like to challenge people to think across sectors and see what they might learn in their business from this. The things we see are this:

1. Look for Latent Assets, 2. Is this capacity seen as valuable to others through collaboration? (connecting Customers with your excess capacity/ supply). 3. Is there an opportunity for a Platform Business Model?, 4. How will you Orchestrate this for a great experience?, 5. What Technology and insights will you leverage to deliver convenience, because we all know we always transact on things that deliver me more of one thing…. and this thing, is TIME.

If you’d like to hear more, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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